922 – Blessings from the heart

Dear ones, I started the practice of Yoga a long time ago. I did not know what I was going in for. I had severe pain in my left hand and being left-handed found it difficult to do work, mainly household chore and taking care of my twin sons. Of course, the best part was when my husband brushed my hair, I felt quite queenly. However, it was not so funny as I felt helpless.

My friend suggested that I should go to the ashram, which believe it or not was in the same city as I was. It was not far. I went to the Ashram, the Bihar School of Yoga. I met Swamiji who I did not know then would change my life. He listened to my sad tale of how much my hand hurt and then he said that he would ask one of the swamis to teach me.

My yoga teacher

In the meanwhile, many others were also learning Yoga, all from the same company, in which my husband was working. It was mainly the wives as it was difficult to find a job there as it was a small town. I started learning Yoga, one to one and my teacher’s name was Swami Satya Dharma. A very learned and spiritual being. She was from America and had made the Ashram her home.

Now when we would meet the other people, who were also being taught (in the compound), they would boast about their teachers. One was a television celebrity another was a beauty queen. They boasted and we were all young. I was the silent one as my teacher was one of the best in the Ashram.

Then my husband decided to learn also. He went to see Swamiji and he was given two teachers. One was the lamplighter and gatekeeper. His job was to keep the eternal flame lit and to open the gate. The other one was a young Australian boy of twelve. Since my husband was working, he could only come on Sunday.

Anyway, after the first lesson, he came back very cross. Having been told that he would have two teachers, he felt very important. But when he saw them, he kept quiet, being a gentle soul. They were like two monkeys, giving instructions rapidly and laughing all the time. They could perform all the asanas and expected him to do the same. He refused to go back for any more classes.

Too serious

I went to Swamiji and asked him, why he had asked these two playful teachers to teach my husband. Swamiji replied that my husband took things too seriously and he needed to unwind. This was a story, which went around amongst all the learners of Yoga in our community and we would all laugh.

Coming back to my lessons, I was given undivided attention and Swamiji decided that I should be a Yoga teacher. I was taught all that there was to learn and believe that it was only the blessings which came from my heart that it was possible. The Goddess who lives in our heart was awakened.

I changed and it was very gradual and felt better physically, emotionally and mentally. I gained confidence and was able to accomplish many things in my lifecan only say this because of the blessings from my heart, it was possible. The heart was attentive because of the blessings from my Guru which led to being aware of the internal presence of the Goddess.

The practice of Yoga Sadhana leads to awareness and development of our consciousness. We only have to be dedicated and this again happens because of the encouragement of our Guru.

There is a question, which is asked frequently and that is what if I do not have a Guru? How do I awaken the Blessings? Commitment to the Sadhana, enables one to arouse the Divinity within one.

Aim Hrim Klim


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