935 – What is the right attitude?

Have we not heard people say that someone really has an attitude. When one was a child, was not one told by the parent or teacher, “I do not like your attitude.” What did this mean? It could mean that one defiant, rude or lazy.

Here we are addressing our attitude to Karma Yoga. Karma is action, which one does all the time from birth to death. One is never free from karma and the reactions to it. One is involved in karma; one becomes reactive to the situations. One works mechanically at the tasks and wisdom is not applied. Each karma evokes a reactive response. What does Karma Yoga do?

Yoga means balance between mind and body. Karma Yoga is to apply harmony and balance to whatever task one does. When there is no reactive response, one becomes a karma yogi. Tasks are performed to the best of one’s capability, without the focus being on praise or a reward.

Pratipaksha bhavana is cultivation of the opposite visualization, the opposite behavior. This makes one free from reactions and it grants one immunity from the effects of karma. One ceases to have a conditioned response which creates stress and dissatisfaction. Therefore, whatever task one does, one enjoys it.

Having the right attitude to Karma Yoga, enables one to be uninfluenced by the mind and prejudices. One is performing every task with pleasure and joy. Change your attitude and lead a fearless life of equanimity.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Thomas Oxford on Unsplash

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