735 – Dawn

Hymns to Dawn are simple and full of imagery and hope. These hymns are 3,500 years old, and they symbolize the eternal beginning. Dawn is the goddess Ushas, who gives life, beauty and purity. She is the silence at daybreak and grants us hope, dreams and blessings. She infuses one with prana. Dawn symbolizes the passage from darkness to light. Continue reading

733 – The power of smell

The smell of blooming flowers.
The smell of ripening fruits, mangoes, apples, apricots, and cherries.
The smell of rain.
The smell of sunshine on sun dried clothes.
The smell of freshly bake bread, cakes and pies.
The smell of pure, cooked food with a hint of cilantro, ginger and tomatoes.
Smell can make one happy. Continue reading

729 – Prana Shakti please infuse Mother Earth

There is so much happening around and yet at the same time one feels overwhelmed or underwhelmed. The newspaper has just come and each of us has our own paper. Glancing at the newspaper and reading the news, induces a sense of deep sadness. War has taken the front pages, and the reporters are eager to tell us. The more distressing it is, the better it is for the ratings. Continue reading

725 – Osho on happiness

Happiness depends on unhappiness. Bliss is transcendence: one move beyond the duality of being happy and unhappy. One watches both; happiness comes, one does not become identified with it. One does not say, I am happy. Peace, it is wonderful. One watches a white cloud passing. And the one watches a black cloud passing. You are the witness, the watcher.

Continue reading

723 – Liberation / Freedom

What does it mean to be liberated? When we speak about liberation, we think of freedom from tradition and escape from conservative ideas. I have been thinking about this word my dear ones, and my understanding of it is to be free from fear. Continue reading