939 – Lam, the mantra for grounding and stability

Lam is the Bija mantra of the mooladhara chakra. Chanting it, there is a vibration which affects the brain and the consciousness. The seed sound contains the earth element. Lam activates the Prithvi tattva and works on one’s roots, foundation of one’s existence. It represents stability, security, and the overcoming of fear. Lam centers one. Continue reading

937 – What the ancient sages believed

The ancient sages believed that life is nothing but an expression of consciousness and energy. Mind and matter are the expressions of consciousness and energy. Consciousness and energy manifest as life in the form of spirit, mind, senses, intellect and ego. Both are present in every aspect of creation in the form of Astha prakriti, the eight-fold aspect of manifest nature. Continue reading

934 – Addiction

What is addiction? It is having an excessive craving. Why is it present in some of us? Is it how we perceive life? Is it because one has no joy in life? Is life meaningless and taking a substance makes one forget our emptiness. Then we are looking at a world which is colorful and crazy. Okay, I am not going into the heavy-duty addictions immediately. Let us start with chocolate, coffee, sweets, different foods, sex, alcohol, smoking and drugs. It is not easy to give up some of these substances. We develop a dependence on them. Continue reading

932 – Confrontation and Compassion

Living in this world, we are exposed to daily acts of compassion and confrontation. When one reads the newspaper or reads the news on the net or screen, news flashes past.

My morning started with my two wild cats coming for breakfast. One of them is an abandoned Burmese cat. He is enormous and handsome. My other cat is a female and she is the daughter of an abandoned Abyssinian. I know, many of you of will think that how is it possible that such beautiful cats have been forsaken. And look at the irony they have come to my balcony. Continue reading

931 – Maya and Tamas

The world and the life created in it is subject to the influence of maya and tamas. We are all victims of maya and tamas.

What is maya?

Maya is illusion and is the powerful force which creates the cosmic illusion that the phenomena is real. The purpose of maya is to teach one the futility of illusion. To be free of maya one must develop an attitude of gratitude. Continue reading

930 – Karma and Divinity

We do not exist independently….
Whenever I walk, sit, eat or practice calligraphy,
I do so with the awareness,
That all my ancestors are within me at that moment.
I am their continuation.
Whatever I am doing,
the energy of mindfulness
enables me to do it as ‘us,’
‘Through interbeing, not as me.’

Ancestors and me – Thich Nhat Hanh Continue reading

928 – Am I a Hindu?

The Hindu belief is totally non-exclusive and accepts all other faiths and religious paths. An ancient Vedic text says that God or truth is one and wise persons refer to it by many names. Hindus believe that no one religion is exclusively true, that all major faiths are aspects of the one universal all encompassing truth, and that there are many paths to seek and experience religious understanding and enlightenment. Continue reading

927 – Whom do these ten attributes belong to?

  1. Jnana, knowledge or wisdom. Who witnesses everything? Who watches everyone? Who never gets lost in the world of Prakriti (nature)? Who watches the work of Prakriti? Who is never under the spell of Maya (illusion)? Who is an observer possessing Jnana?
  2. Aishwarya the source of all wealth and prosperity. Who is the source of this? Who bestows this on us?
  3. Vairagya is non-attachment. Who is not attached to anyone? Who is neutral and unbiased? Who gives attention to all? Who treats everyone as equals? Who has no attachment to anyone?
  4. Bala (strength) and samarthya (capability): Who is all powerful and can do anything in the universe? Who is the inspirer of all creatures?
  5. Sampati (wealth), Samrddhi (prosperity) and Dhana (riches). Who grants all this to us? Who makes one free from lack in life?
  6. Yash (success) and Kirti (glory). Who gives one success and glory.

Continue reading