782 – Goodbye Narcissism. Hallo Atmabhava.

Dear ones, I have written on this subject before and it means feeling the pain and distress of others. According to my Guru, the sum and substance of spiritual life and the best teaching of Vedanta is Atmabhava.

Do we empathize with others as if it is our own pain and distress? If we did, would we be having such acts of destruction and terrorism on our planet? We would not be attacking and destroying each other. Continue reading

775 – Our Mother Earth

  1. ‘I’ve no water or air,
    I am a ball of fire. Don’t come near.
    You can’t live here.
    Here, it’s no fun,’
    So said the hot Sun.
  2. ‘I’ve no water or air,
    You can’t stay here.
    But for the Sun’s light,
    I won’t shine bright.
    I’m but stone and mud.’
    The Moon cried and said.
  3. ‘I’ve no water or air.
    Will your life can bear,
    With nothing for sustenance,
    My hollow existence?
    Stay where you’re,’
    Said the planet Jupiter.
  4. ’We’ve no water or air.
    What’s there to share?
    Nothing but the death,
    With no further birth,
    The Venus, the Mars and the Saturn.
    Said in their turn.
  5. ‘Admission only for Angels,
    And not for body, but souls,’
    Said the sign board,
    Kept aside the road.
    The Heaven said, ‘Sorry,’
    When I went with my body.
  6. ‘Why do you go elsewhere,
    When I’m down here?’
    Said my mother earth.
    ‘To you, I’ve given birth,
    With your body and soul,
    To enjoy and play your role.’
  7. Yes, Mother, what isn’t there,
    For us, on this earth, to share?
    Free food, water and air,
    Everything looks so fair,
    Thank God, for what we have
    And grieve not, for what
    We don’t have. – Rajaram Ramchandran

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580 – Ether and the power of speech

The Latin root of Ether is aether, which means, “the upper, pure, bright air.” Ether was described as a substance that was said to fill all space and make up all bodies. Ether is the fifth and highest element after air, fire, water and earth. It is believed to be the substance composing all heavenly bodies. Continue reading

516 – Restoring the universe to its pristine self

The universe is composed of five tattvas (elements): Prithvi (earth), Jala (water), Agni (fire), Vayu (air) and Aakash (ether). We are also composed of these five elements. However, what is happening is that there is corruption which is entering humanity. Continue reading

141 – We are created from the Tattwas

The universe originated from the Tattwas (elements) Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. And we are created from the elements. The elements within us influence our auditory, tactile, visual, gustatory, and olfactory senses. When we take to the practice of Yoga, we are looking at how to remain okay. Literally most of us who start our practice have this as our objective. Continue reading

131 – Remember and learn from your Gurus

We should try to remember our main Guru every day. Yesterday I wrote about the 24 gurus who gave Dattatreya, the son of the Holy Trinity, wisdom. The point this sage who lived thousands of years ago was making that we can learn discernment from anybody, be they humans or animals. He spoke about the elements which compose our mind, body and the universe. When we seek insight we have to purify ourselves. Continue reading