057 – Let’s Change Ourselves (Osho)

A friend once said to me, ”Wouldn’t it be good to change the world.” I said “Forget about the world: I change myself and you change yourself, then the world will itself be transformed. What else is the world other than the connection between you and me.”

When I read this it was like a burst of energy for me. I decided to share this with you my friends. It is the absolute truth. Why should you change the world? If you want to do something, just do it and you will observe that you are changing and your environment is changing. Observe the world around you with compassion. And you will find that the world will view you differently. You will not be so sensitive. You will be sensitive to the feelings of others.

My work

I run an NGO called TORCH. I worked in affecting behaviour change for addictions in the adolescents below the poverty line. Now I work with children who live on the pavement with their parents. They are taught life skills. They are between 3-8.

One day I was giving biscuits and bread to some kids who were begging. I had bought two loaves of bread and several packets of biscuits for them. The kids were quite happy when an adult beggar arrived and he said what rubbish I was giving. The least I could do was get some lentils or a curry. I was gob smacked. I moved away and the children followed me. They were hungry but they were afraid of this man. This happened a long time ago but I cannot forget it. I continue my work and sometimes it is upsetting as one gets a mouthful for no rhyme or reason. My Guru has said categorically that we must be non-reactive when someone is insulting to us and it is only through such experience we mature.

Aim Hrim Klim.


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