925 – World Yoga Day

Yoga will emerge as a mighty culture and change the course of world events.

My only request for aspirants is; be constantly aware of the spiritual self beyond the body and mind.

Transform every act of yours into an act of Yoga.

Pain is a cross on which nature hangs a man whenever She wishes to make him a sublime superman.

by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. 1963 Continue reading

924 – The importance of Kama

And the curbing of Greed

Kama is desire and it is a part of the fourth Purushartha and greed is an obstacle in the way of Bhakti.

Let us understand what Purushartha means. It means the objectives of mankind. These goals are Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Dharma is the “order and custom” that makes life and universe possible. They are also described as the four pillars of Hinduism. Purushartha also means that an individual should have a meaningful life (Artha) by earning earning an honest livelihood through lawful means (Dharma), fulfil his desires (Kama) and attain liberation (Moksha). Continue reading

922 – Blessings from the heart

Dear ones, I started the practice of Yoga a long time ago. I did not know what I was going in for. I had severe pain in my left hand and being left-handed found it difficult to do work, mainly household chore and taking care of my twin sons. Of course, the best part was when my husband brushed my hair, I felt quite queenly. However, it was not so funny as I felt helpless. Continue reading

921 – Manic Monday

Manic Monday was a hit song. It was written in 1984 by Prince. The idea after having spent the weekend enjoyably or hedonistically, the new day is not looked forward to. Since one is wasted after so much pleasure seeking, sleep beckons and sometimes remorse. However, one has to go to work and perform the daily chores. Continue reading

920 – The wellspring of love

Where is this wellspring of love? What does wellspring mean? Wellspring is the source of a stream, spring or fountainhead. It is the heart, which is the source of everything one does. King Solomon said, that the heart was the wellspring of life. It is the source of everything in one’s life. Continue reading

919 – How should we venerate the Planet?

Our veneration of the planet will lead to Dharma. The practice of Dharma (righteousness) will enable us to save Prithvi (mother earth) and ourselves.

There are four important acts that we must make a part of our daily life. Ahimsa, compassion, maintaining the ecological environment and being aware of the presence of the Divinity. Continue reading

915 – Save our habitat

Our heavenly skies is what we call akasha. Ether is referred to in the Vedas as Akasha tattva. It represents the vastness and emptiness of space. Aakash is what the denizens gaze at and are influenced by the clear, night skies.

We all love the skies. We gaze at the different colors of the sky. However, we are not alone in our adoration of the sky. Continue reading

912 – How attentive are we when we listen to a story?

Give it a thought. There are stories and stories. Some make us laugh, some make us sad, and some make us angry. Do we ever think about what some of the stories are telling us. Remember I wrote about Sphota, a revelation, which happens to the hearer. This word hearer is a strange word, we are accustomed to listener. Continue reading