513 – Trust and Distrust

I have two stories for you my dear ones. One is about Trust and the other is about Distrust.

I will share the story about Trust first as I saw the incident with my own eyes. I was sitting in the garden and I saw a mother cat and her kitten walking on the wall. The kitten was mewing and teetering on the wall. The mother jumped down and the kitty was left alone. The kitten started crying even louder upon seeing the mother on the ground. The mother started murmuring to her in cats-speak and this continued for some time. Then the kitten jumped down and her mother licked her. It was like watching a miracle. The kitten had so much confidence and she felt like a princess.

This is a story I dislike about Distrust. A father and son were in a park. The father asked the son to climb a wall, and told him to jump. The son said that he would get hurt, to which the father replied that he would catch him, when he jumped. The boy jumped and the father did not catch him. The boy was hurt, and he started crying. His father did not comfort him and said that now he had learnt the lesson that one should never trust anyone.

How do you feel about the two stories?

The first one is charming and I always have a warm feeling, thinking about it. Children trust their parents and are certain that they will never allow them to come to harm. It is a comfort cocoon. Often one may hear a child saying that s/he would tell her/his parents if s/he is being bullied. Learning about trust, which comes through love enables one to learn to trust oneself and to be fearless.

The second story about distrust, upsets me. What about you, how do you feel? Is it an important lesson to learn that one should not trust anyone? Should one teach about distrust in such a brutal manner. Often such violence begets violence.

It is possible to enable children to learn, after nurturing their curiosity and teaching them about right and wrong. Building their confidence and making them resilient will help them to understand distrust.

If only we trusted each other and would not go into wars, we can save mother earth.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

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