548 – Stories of the first Buddhist women

Rohini was a great nun and monastic teacher. Rohini shared what her father said to her, when she was on the path of Dhamma. Buddha’s dhamma were his teachings, which helped humans to free themselves from the world of suffering that they found themselves in.

He said that she fell asleep, repeating ascetics and woke up saying the same. She praised only the ascetics and it must have been because she was planning to become one. She gave food and drink to the ascetics and he wanted to know why the ascetics were so dear to her heart. They were lazy and lived on what others gave them. They were full of expectations and liked sweet things, so what was the reason for her to admire them.

Rohini replied that said he had been asking her about ascetics for a long time. She would now tell him about them. She praised them for their virtue, wisdom and effort. They worked hard. They were not lazy and they performed good deeds. They rid themselves of their passions and anger, and that is why they were so dear to her and had destroyed their three roots of evil, (greed, anger and delusion) they only performed pure deeds, all evil was expelled from them and that is why they were dear to her.

An ascetic

They had learned what the Buddha had taught, and they taught his dhamma and its purpose and lived the way the Buddha had said. Their mind was focused, and they were mindful. They were detached and had no attachments and did not save anything that was theirs in a storeroom or in a pot or a container, they searched for what was prepared and given as alms. They did not accept gold and got by with whatever was available and had no desires and possessions. Such is an ascetic. Rohini became enlightened very quickly. She was a great teacher in the women’s monastic community and had many followers.

We can all learn from Rohini that we must be diligent, consistent and persistent on our path of Dhamma and rid ourselves of the three roots of evil.

Aim Hrim Klim

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