682 – Teachers‘ Day

We celebrated Teachers’ Day in India a few days ago. It would be wonderful if we remembered our teachers daily and not only on this day. Without our teachers where would we be?

Who was your first teacher? It was your mother. We learnt our first lessons in life from her. Try to recall an early memory, smile and cherish it.

Next, your father. How do you remember him? What did you learn from him? Again, bring up a memory and remember him.

Your Grand-parents? How do you recollect them? Again, bring up a memory and express your feelings for them.

Then we come to nursery, kindergarten, or play school. How do we recall those teachers? Again memories. How they made us hold the crayon with our fingers? How they gave us sweeties on their birthday? How they always came smiling into the room?

So many memories

And of course, life goes on, my dear ones. All the teachers, who taught us our lessons of learning and life, how do we recall them? Some inspired us, guided us and some we did not like. There could be many reasons for us not to like them. Maybe we have to examine ourselves and try to recall how we were. Did we have an attitude? Were we rude and abrasive. Let us also think how we were affected by the ones’ who were nasty to us. Maybe they started a process of change in us and now we can thank them.

All our life we are learning and we have many teachers who make an impact on us. When we see a kind and gracious person, who is good to us, we appreciate it. The impact on us can be that we learn from the genuineness.

Now lastly, we come to our Gurus and Spiritual teachers. They do not reprimand us, only they show us the way. So, all our life we are learning and therefore let us join our hands and say a prayer for all the teachers who have entered our lives and the new ones who grace us with their presence.

Aim Hrim Klim


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