890 – Words and Deeds

Words must be spoken to some purpose
Tattle’s more offensive than the tattler may suppose.

Verses from The Tirukkural. Translation by Gopalkrishna Gandhi.

We are so free with our words and sometimes, do not even think of the consequences. Words stay on even after we have left our bodies. Therefore, try to think before you speak. The least one can do is to breathe in and out to the count of five. Then see the person whom you are addressing as yourself.


Sin from sin spreads and grows
How exactly it does that, only fire knows.

Plot not even half-heartedly another’s ill or harm
There’s higher justice than such plotting will disarm.

Where does the performance of misdeeds get us? It is a short victory, and then we are left with the residual guilt, which accumulates and is a heavy weight. It changes our personality and do we really wish to believe in these self-delusions. We are in lifelong bondage.

Remember this:

He who evil spurns
From ill his freedom earns.

Aim Hrim Klim


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