924 – The importance of Kama

And the curbing of Greed

Kama is desire and it is a part of the fourth Purushartha and greed is an obstacle in the way of Bhakti.

Let us understand what Purushartha means. It means the objectives of mankind. These goals are Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Dharma is the “order and custom” that makes life and universe possible. They are also described as the four pillars of Hinduism. Purushartha also means that an individual should have a meaningful life (Artha) by earning earning an honest livelihood through lawful means (Dharma), fulfil his desires (Kama) and attain liberation (Moksha).

Where does greed figure here. Greed is Lobha and is an impediment in following the purpose of one’s life.

The two male lions

I read a story about two lions crossing a channel in the Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. The lions, brothers by the name of Jacob and Tibu stood on the shore and gazed at the other side, which was a mile away. This channel is inhabited by hippos, and enormous crocodiles. The channel is deep in some parts, almost twenty feet water. The two male lions had been in a battle and had lost. These battles are for territory and for the conquest of the female lions.

It was unsafe for them to remain on the side they were as the roaring of the female lions could be heard. Now lions do not enjoy swimming, Jacob had lost a leg in a poacher’s trap. The brothers were undeterred, they struggled three times to get into the water. They were being watched by a drone and the rangers could see a hippo in the water. They swam in a Y formation and then swam across the channel. It is the longest swim recorded for a lion.
Now why were they determined to swim across such a dangerous channel. It was the mating call; they had no sense to survive if they did not increase their progeny.

Dear ones, what do we observe here? Kama (objective) to increase the lion tribe and Greed of the poacher. Jacob crossed the river with three legs, the call of procreation ruling him and his brother. And the terrible greed of the poachers, who maim and kill lions for their body parts. The lion population is falling.

Are we superior to animals, when we are governed by greed?

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Mandy Henry on Unsplash

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