007 – Mantra Hring

Honey is loved by most of us. We have very pleasant memories of eating honey in different ways. It is considered precious as it is used in unguents, food and given to babies as the first sweet taste.

Of course most of us have been stung by bees, wasps or hornets. Unless we are allergic to the sting, it is a forgotten memory. In Hinduism bees and their honey play a very powerful role. The bees are divine assistants to our life and help to keep the balance in nature. The tragedy is that in Kalayug the bees are dying, their honey is being tampered with and we are not respecting the elements of nature. Brahmari is the Bee Goddess and her name means bee in Hindi. She resides in the Anahata Chakra, which is a blue lotus, and she emits a buzzing sound. This sound is the sound of the cosmos. She is an incarnation of Parvati and is associated with bees,wasps and hornets.
Brahmari Pranayama induces a sense of calmness and when practiced by children before bedtime, enables them to sleep deeply. Brahmari represents creative passion.
Just practice the simple pranayama, which is eyes closed. Fingers in the ears, inhaling through the nostrils, teeth clenched. Exhale through the clenched teeth emitting a buzzing sound. 11 times and you will find that you are refreshed.
The God of Prana is sometimes shown as being surrounded by bees.
Ma Brahmari’s mantra is Hring.

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