Shantih Mantras and Kathopanishad

This article is a reissue from the year 2013.

SwamiS_1This lecture by Swami Sivananda begins by chanting some of the Shantih mantras, followed by a discussion of the nature of the Self. The Knowledge of the Atman, or supreme Self, is subtle and cannot be realized by our own doing. He discusses many topics such as: the individual soul is identical with Brahman, the importance of a guru, the sreya marga and preya marga, avidya, and more.

Historical recording of Swami Sivananda, 1887-1963, one of the greatest yoga masters of modern India. To find out more about Swami Sivananda:, . Copyright the Divine Life Society .


Who can practice Panchakarma

Leela Mata, Ayurveda expert, speaks about who can benefit from Panchakarma  programs, expecially in Ashrams. She talks about the special benefits to do Panchakarma in an Ashram environment with Meditation, Mantra-Chanting, Asanas and Pranayama, in a spiritual Atmosphere. Leela Mata directs Panchakarma Programs in Peaceful Valley Ashram Pennsylvania and in Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany explains who can benefit from an ayurvedic Panachkarma treatment. Panachakarma can treat almost any desease but it also depends on the person and facilities. In an ashram it is not also a only Panchakarma treatment, the patients are doing also asanas, pranayama and meditation. More information referring ayurveda in general and certains treatments at