075 – Use of a symbol in Meditation

A symbol is used to make the mind one pointed and to bring about a perception of prana. The symbol is known as the ishta devata. In Sanskrit ishta means desired by your own choice; devata means divine awareness.

It is essential to concentrate on one point and try to retain that point in one’s mind and vision. The point comes and goes and when the mind is distracted, the symbol disappears. Constant awareness and vision of the symbol should be kept in front of oneself. You can select a flower, flame, star, moon, sun, deity, cross, Om, Yantra, Mandal or any other object. You have to select only one symbol and you must stay with it.

The symbol is your anchor and the base of your consciousness. You keep working on the symbol. With your closed eyes, you see your symbol, it will disappear when a thought comes, and then you bring it back again. Your symbol grounds you and is your guiding star. It is your inner self connected to your soul.

Aim Hrim Klim


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