091 – My God

Swami Sivananda loved all creatures unconditionally. One day a very wealthy visitor came to the ashram. The devotee had spent a couple of days in the ashram, where he had been bitten black and blue by mosquitoes. There was no mosquito net, the toilet was far away. It was also hot and there were no fans.

While Swami Sivananada was taking him around the ashram, the disciple observed a beautiful kutia (small cottage with a single room), on a hill. He asked Swamiji who stayed in that kutia. It looks very comfortable and he should have rooms like this for the sannyasins and guests. Swamiji replied that the money was in his (guest’s) pocket. The disciple requested that he would like to see the kutia. He also wished to see who was living there. Swamiji replied that he was welcome and he took him there. Inside the kutia was a very old bull, recuperating. The VIP was stunned to see the sick bull and he exclaimed, “My God, My God”. Swami Sivananda said, “yes, exactly.”

This story was narrated by Swami Satyananda. I cannot add anything to it. I can only say if we could look upon all creatures with atmabhava, we would be on the path.

Aim Hrim Klim


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