103 – The Secret

What is a secret? Our eyes light up if someone says that they will tell us a secret. Also if you share a secret then you expect to be told a secret by the person with whom you have shared it. Betraying the trust can also cause unpleasantness for all. Secrets are very hard to keep, and they become a burden for the trustee of the confidence.

My Guru shares a secret with all his disciples, anyone who can understand and comprehend it. We must completely surrender to God. It is a virtue. Partial surrender is not surrender. God creates every event with a great purpose behind it. Those who have faith in God, do not oppose for they know his mission. God gives you the necessary inspiration and offers you the opportunities to complete the divine work. So give yourself up to his will. This is the secret. You entrust your destiny to him. And nothing is impossible in life.

And all this happens when you have purified your heart. Just let your thoughts be neutralized and become self-aware.

Aim Hrim Klim


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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