Great spiritual Teachers

Who are Jesus, Swami Vivekananda, Swami Yogananda, Shankaracharya, Rama, Krishna and Paramahamsa? Sukadev explains that these are all great spiritual teachers, who have done a lot to spread spiritual knowledge.

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19th Yoga Congress – “The role of a guru from a modern perspective” with Shanmug

Shanmug is giving a lecture to the topic “The role of a guru from a modern perspective”. This speech happened during the 19th Yoga Congress in November 2016 in the Yoga Vidya Ashram in Bad Meinberg. If you want to know more about yoga and meditation visit our website by clicking here.


What was Special about Swami Chidananda – Swami Bodhichitananda explains

Swami Bodhichitananda talks about his experiences with Swami Chidananda. He talks about what was special about this great Master, how he was trained by him. It is always inspiring to hear and watch aspirants talk about their experiences with their Guru. Swami Chidananda was one of the greatest Masters of the 20th Century. When Swami Bodhichitananda talks about him, his presence can be felt. Seminars with Swami Bodhichitananda on