106 – Love in the times of Corona

We have been starved of contact and meetings. We have been speaking on Zoom, WhatsApp, telephones and video chats. Earlier we consoled ourselves by saying how wonderful electronic media is and that we can see our near and dear ones. We thought it was just a year and then it became another year.

We were vaccinated, double vaccinated and some of us have also got the booster. Still it was dangerous to make contact. We wore and are wearing masks all the time. Many of us are fearful of Covid and its many strains. Now what do we do next.

I made a choice and I visited my family in another city. It was wonderful to connect with them and yes we all hugged each other. Please visit your loved ones if it is possible. If not, tell them how deeply you care for them, before in some cases it becomes too late. I just thought that I should share about my visit as I am rejuvenated. Meeting my sisters and my brother and his wife was so good. We spent a day chatting about trivialities and mice and men. Do it. Make the call, zoom, visit and share.

Aim Hrim Klim


Photo by Adam NieĊ›cioruk on Unsplash

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