105 – The importance of unblocking our left and right nostrils

We require to unblock our left and right nostrils. It is extremely uncomfortable when our nostrils are blocked and we cannot breathe. We breathe through our mouths and it also leads to bad breath. The Ida nadi flows through the left nostril and the pingala nadi flows through the right nostril.

Why is it necessary to unblock the nadis?

Our prana flows in our breath and the nadis are carrying the prana. We have 72,000 nadis in our system. We concentrate on only the three main ones as automatically when our prana flows through the Ida and Pingala, the Sushumna is unblocked and the kundalini can rise. Also when the sushumna flows, our chakras are unblocked, our elements are unblocked, our koshas are functioning and we are on the spiritual path. How is this possible?

First part

Firstly we start with Anuloma Viloma pranayama. Visualize the breath with prana, flowing in and out of your left nostril. Next visualize the breath flowing with prana in the right nostril, then visualize the breath with prana flowing in and out of both nostrils. The first exercise is called Ida Shuddhi, the second exercise is called Pingala Shuddhi, and the third one is called Prana Shuddhi. Shuddhi means purification. Each practice has to be done 54 times, counting backwards. No errors and it is done like this, 54 in, 54 out. Visualizing the prana in the breath and concentrating on the counting.

Second part

The second part of this pranayama is when you visualize the breath with prana going in through the left nostril and coming out of the right nostril, and then visualize the breath going in through the right nostril and coming out of the left nostril. This is one round. You will practice 5 such rounds and then one round of visualizing the breath going in and out of both nostrils. 5 rounds make a set, so you will practice 20 sets.

Why do we need to do this? Both Ida and Pingala need to be awakened, and to be in balance with each other. This is a way of acquiring good health, harmony and balance in our lives. Ida works on the right hemisphere, introversion trait, mental and artistic work, slows our metabolism, and cools us. It interprets emotional, connotation of communication. It works on recognition of facial expressions, intuition, integration and accuracy. It handles perception of space, patterns and direction. This is the functioning of the para sympathetic nervous system. Also the Ida manages obsessive-compulsive disorders, epilepsy and high blood pressure.

Pingala works on the left hemisphere. It works on the extroversion trait, physical and dynamic work. It speeds up the metabolism. Keeps the body warm. It enables use and meaning of words and language, both spoken and written. It influences rational decisions, thinking, judgement, logic, verbal, mathematical and analytical skills. It works on the sympathetic nervous system. It works on management of autism, glaucoma and low blood pressure.
All we need is the daily practice of Anuloma Viloma to enjoy equanimity and equilibrium.

Aim Hrim Klim


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