163 – What is love

How do we become capable of love? Osho explains it very beautifully. Love is spontaneous. It cannot be controlled. We cannot make love; we cannot do anything about it. And the more we do, the more we will miss it. We have to allow it to happen. We are not needed for it. We cannot absent ourselves and therefore, we have become incapable of love.

We are always doing things. We are very competent, however when it comes to love, we cannot excel at it. It has to be instinctive. Experiencing joy, and happiness is not a forced endeavor. We have to free ourselves and then joy enters accompanied by happiness and love follows. It possesses us and because we want to dominate what we own, we think that we can seize it. Love is greater than us and we cannot hold it. Our ego comes in the way and it wants to control everything. When two persons love each other, neither is the master. Love is the master and they are possessed by it. They will lose it if they try to own it, as we can only possess objects. So where does this take us. We are not objects, and fulfillment is only possible in a relationship, where we remain persons.

Surrender is the answer

Surrender means giving ourselves up without expectations. We are not in control and we are not afraid and insecure about it. We have been thinking with our mind, now we must involve our heart which has been mangled. Let our prana go to the heart and let us cease to judge. When we say we have fallen in love, the mind looks at it in a derogatory way. The thoughts in our mind condemn the word fallen. They are patronizing and applying cold logic. Our anahata chakra has to function and do we feel that we are full of love or are we empty. When our heart is receptive then we become open, sensitive and empathetic. This is what falling in love means. The heart is in a state like arrival of spring, it is burgeoning and receptive.

When we practice breath awareness and become aware of the prana in our breath, we are able to awaken our heart. Our mind is scheming and calculating. Our thoughts become neutralized, we are not influenced by them. We do not banish them, and we let the love flow. It starts with a long inhalation and a long exhalation. Our awareness is on the prana in our breath. We engage in counting backwards. No errors and we start from 11, 27, 54 or 108. We just go with the flow of our breath. Our fears and vulnerabilities leave. Our heart is open, and is receptive to love.

Aim Hrim Klim


Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash

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