937 – What the ancient sages believed

The ancient sages believed that life is nothing but an expression of consciousness and energy. Mind and matter are the expressions of consciousness and energy. Consciousness and energy manifest as life in the form of spirit, mind, senses, intellect and ego. Both are present in every aspect of creation in the form of Astha prakriti, the eight-fold aspect of manifest nature. Continue reading

901 – My Selfie, Self-image, my Self-Schemas

How do we perceive ourselves? We have forgotten that we went through 84,000 births to be a human. So why do we think that we are not perfect. I know one must be humble but one must not feel rejected. I came across jokes on dating sites in the New Yorker magazine. Now New Yorker magazine is read by cerebral persons and it is an amazing magazine. I love its articles, stories, jokes and poems. If one is published in this magazine, then one is recognized. Coming back to my original thought, I found the jokes funny but humiliating. They had a mean barb in it. They could lead to further undermining of one’s self esteem. Continue reading

892 – Who has control of the tongue and the mind?

Goddess Baglamukhi is the eighth Dasa (ten) Mahavidya (Goddesses of Wisdom). Her name means one who has control of the tongue and of the mind. She provides control over one’s emotions and misbehavior (anger, jealousy, etc.). Continue reading

837 – Meditations

The Temple of Nature: Rig Veda

Nature’s beauty is an act of God
Let us feel the touch of God’s invisible hands.
In everything beautiful
By the first touch of his hand,
Rivers throb and ripple
When He smiles the sun shines,
The moon glimmers, the stars twinkle,
The flowers bloom
By the first ray of the rising sun
The universe is stirred,
The shining gold is sprinkled
On the smiling buds of rose;
The fragrant air is filled
With sweet melodies
Of singing birds.
The Dawn is the dream of
God’s creative fancy.

Chandogya Upanishad 1.10 & 1.11

Continue reading

836 – Masculinity and Femineity

We believe that in the creation of the universe, God revealed two aspects of himself, Male and Female. The male was considered Purush, wisdom and space. Female was Prakriti, nature. Neither could survive without the other. Space is everywhere and wisdom is hidden in it. However, there is no creation. The creation occurs with Father Purush and Mother Prakriti or Shakti. Both Purush and Prakriti unite within us and in the cosmos for the wonderful universes. Continue reading

748 – Invoke Medha

Who is Medha? She is the Vedic goddess presiding over the power of memory and understanding.

How does memory influence us? I read that one should build on the old memories and then one forgets the unpleasant memories. It is possible if it relates to war or other disasters. How can one reduce a traumatic event and build on it? Dear ones, it is possible to accept a traumatic event and not allow it to interfere with the process of daily events. However, one has to work on it, and sometimes it can be life-long. Continue reading

714 – Be thankful

Dear ones, be thankful for what we are, what we have and what we can give. I came home after my surgery on Sunday, which was the beginning of Navratri. It is a joyous time as before that we had been observing Pitrapaksh. Seeking forgiveness for our ancestors. Before leaving the hospital, I was able to play my chants in my room. Continue reading

698 – Isomorphism and awakening our Kundalini

Isomorphism means similarity in its simplest meaning. There is similarity between the macro cosmos (universe) and the microcosmos which is the human organism. Yoga Darsana Upanishad (4.48—53) describes this. The eternal (sacred) tirtha (sacred ford, holy water, place of pilgrimage) is considered inferior to the sacred tirtha in the body, and external mountains and other places identified with the various parts of the organism. Continue reading

683 – The connection between heart and brain

How many times does one say thank you in the day. Have you considered, my dear ones, that when one says thank you from the heart and not from the mind, how do you feel. Add a smile and you will feel good. It is being authentic and genuine that goes into an acknowledgement. How often do we do it? I am not speaking about affirmations, I am writing about speaking from the heart, where your soul resides and is the home of Ma, the divinity. Continue reading

680 – Guardians of the Kingdom of Moksha

How does one enter this Kingdom of Moksha? It is a place of peace, freedom and liberation. Peace of mind and everyone else is also at peace. There are no discordant sounds, thoughts or ideas. One has become thoughtless, free of thoughts. Freedom comes from being free of fear. If one has no fears then one is free. One has no anxiety about any thing and no event or trauma rears its ugly head ever again. Liberation results from being free of fears and doubts. So how does one reach this kingdom. Continue reading