386 – Five habits

  1. Personal purity. Cleanliness of one’s body, promotes health and well-being. Observe your mind. Practice self-observation. What are you taking in, how are you influenced by what you are perceiving. Go to satsang which means be with genuine people and also listen to chants. Be non-judgmental and do not be influenced by uncharitable and hostile thoughts. Do not focus on their faults because then you will have a negative view. Look holistically at people.
  2. Be content. Do not hanker for baubles, which disrupt your inner calm. Greed and cravings can lead you on a profligate path.
  3. Be simple in your deeds and actions. We tend to make our lives unnecessarily complicated, and the bunch of hankering thoughts lead us to a waste of our time. We gain clarity when we are uninfluenced by our motley thoughts.
  4. Engage in self-study. Observing your interactions with yourself and the world.
  5. Practice devotion, which is to hear, reflect and meditate.

If we can follow even one of the habits, we will have the Goddess’s ear.

Last but not least love, serve and give.

Aim Hrim Klim


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