403 – Gorakhnath

Who was Gorakhnath? He was a yogi, who performed tapas for twelve years, living on air alone and he gained tremendous powers through siddhis. He was born somewhere between the ninth and twelfth century and is responsible for spreading the practice of Yoga through out India and Asia. He was a Shiva Bhakti. His sayings are brilliant.

He wrote:

“Like the sky without the support of pillars rest,
Like the lamp without oil or wick burns, the sun.”


“The cuckoo is flowering,
The mango is scattering the perfume,
The fish is in the sky,
Swallows the heron.”

The cuckoo is the mind caught in maya and the mind gets excited when the mango tree flowers. The cuckoo becomes free from maya and she turns inwards and has realised her full potential and is termed as flowering. The mind free of delusion is now the mango and is spreading its awareness. The awareness has risen to a higher level. When it was at a lower level the heron would have swallowed the fish. However, the heron represented the ego and the ego has been encompassed and the fish swallows the heron.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

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