428 – Sweets and skulls

I am not obsessed with skulls, but everywhere I see skulls. Skull masks, skulls made of glass, brass, and plastic. Little skulls, big skulls, skulls on t-shirts, skull jewellery, pendants, rings, necklaces, and earrings in Mexico. Even sweet shops have skull decorations with sweets.

I love the idea as it removes all our fears of death, and it will prevent us from having nightmares about skulls if our perception is changed. Children are scared of spiders, bees, lizards and so many other insects. They grow up and pass these fears on to their own children. If only we could explain to them that these creatures are more frightened of us than we are of them. Stay out of their way, do not prod them. Look at their size and then see your own. I never liked to kill any creepy crawlies.

A failed rescue of a wasp

Spiders when they live in my home are sent off wrapped in soft cloth. However, once I rescued a wasp in my apartment in Yoga Vidya and then it returned and stung me three times. I was so shocked that I got it in a glass and crushed it. I was thinking whether I had done the right thing, or the wasp knew that after stinging me it would die. I had hastened the process. I think the answer to that is step out of danger’s way and do not expose yourself to danger. In this case I was lying in my bed, and it was eleven a clock at night so I had not expected a visitor.

We have to step out without fear and not let fantasies overtake our thinking. I see the kids in Mexico just going past all the skulls in the shops and often sporting a t-shirt. It would be wonderful if all of us became fearless and then we would have peace and no conflicts. Wars happen because we are threatened.

Aim Hrim Klim

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