429 – Putting things off

Swami Sivananda said never put off anything, do it now. When you put off something it is just a reaction, and therefore it is a trait of the mind. It became our bestie. We wake up in the morning and say to ourselves that we will do it tomorrow, until we forget about it.

There is a saying in Hindi, which was repeated to us at home and in school:

What you are going to do tomorrow, do it today. What you are going to do today, do it now.

Involvement is of two kinds; one is that one wants to be committed and the second is casual. Karma comes into this; one is positive karma as one has put one’s heart and soul into it and the other is negative as it will get done sometime. Why the hurry?

Look at it sincerely and you will find completing a task very satisfying, whereas leaving it alone will create an emptiness in you.

Aim Hrim Klim

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