461 – Apply the colors of Christmas in your life

Red, green, gold, purple, white, and blue have very potent associations. The attributes of the colors are very powerful. Red is associated with love, green with regeneration, gold with energy, purple with spirituality, blue with the heart, and white with purity.

Red symbolizes energy, passion, strength, courage, security, vibrance, and vitality.
Green symbolizes rebirth, health, hope, tranquility, and wellbeing.
Gold represents the divine qualities and human veneration of the divine.
Purple is associated with wisdom, creativity and power.
Blue represents open spaces, freedom, intuition, and sensitivity.
White represents purity and it creates a sense of space.

Centuries ago, the Celts respected the red and green holly plant for being evergreen and they believed holly was meant to keep the earth beautiful during the white winters. They used the holly as a symbol of protection and prosperity in their midwinter celebrations. After that it was used in medieval churches and this color combination was also associated with Jesus.

Red also symbolizes the blood of Christ. It is also used to represent love, courage, and romance.

Green represents Christ’s eternal nature, and that nature is not hibernating, the holly and mistletoe are there. Green also represents money, good luck and health.

Gold is associated with the Sun and the Son of God and is used at Christmas to bring light into the darkness. The wisemen bought gold as a gift for the Christ child. Gold is also a popular gift. It conveys prosperity and wealth.

White also goes back to the pagan winter solstice festivals. It represents purity and victory over good and evil.

Purple is the main color of Advent, the period before Christmas, when Christians fast and repent in anticipation of Christ’s birth. Purple symbolizes royalty and a sense of magic.

Blue is associated with Mother Mary as she is often painted as wearing blue. In ancient times blue dyes were made from precious stones and blue was only worn by royalty or wealthy persons. Blue is associated with the sky and the heavens.

Curiosity for the wonderful world

All these colors are not only to be used during the festive season. We can be influenced by these colors in our daily life. It is essential to love, and the best love is unconditional love. Hope leads to greater acceptance of ourselves and of others. We then are on the path of love for the divinity. We acquire wisdom and empathy. We develop harmony and equanimity and are blessed with curiosity for the wonderful world we live in. Have faith in yourself, and incorporate the meaning of the Christmas colors in your life.

Aim Hrim Klim


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