518 – Look through rainbow-colored lenses

A rainbow is a sign of hope, the beauty after a storm, a pot of gold and good fortune at its end. It represents inclusivity and diversity, an all-embracing image of love and friendship. There are seven colors in the rainbow, seven chakras, seven deadly sins and seven wonders of the world. Seven is a lucky number. It is the number for completeness and perfection.

In Hinduism, the rainbow has two meanings. It is the archer’s bow and is held by Indra the god of thunder and war, and is used to shoot arrows of lightening. The Goddess Maya is said to have created the world from the seven rainbow-colored veils. Maya also means magic and illusion. The veils refer to the many perspectives of belief or memory of who you are.

In Japan, the rainbow is the bridge from which humans descend to earth.

In Greek mythology, the goddess of the rainbow is Iris. She is the message between heaven and earth.

For Buddhists, upon reaching the rainbow, all desires and individual consciousness dissolve before reaching the final step of nirvana.

The Celts believe in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; representing spiritual renewal and fulfilment.

Native Americans, Cherokee believe the rainbow forms the hem of the sun’s coat.

When Noah saved the animals from the great flood, a rainbow appeared.

The rainbow is a part of our lives. It enables us to have hope and joy when we gaze at it. It represents our transformation.

High on Waves—Tattwa Darshi
Children won’t you close your eyes and look inside.
It is a land of fairy tales and a million lights,
they call it paradise…
The land where the gazelle frolic unharmed, And the flute bearers play,
Where unknown galaxies revolve in patterns beyond space.
Where the lotuses bloom in colors that take your breath away.
It is where the rainbow ends and there is a pot of gold;
We call this knowledge, Transcendental bliss,
Beyond the fantasy finds spun of your dreams that shatter and break.
So, look inside and you will find; Knock and the door will be opened.
Take courage, within the darkness resides the light.

Yoga magazine: Yoga Archives,1980.

Aim Hrim Klim

Picture taken by my grand daughter Aasha.

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