517 – A miracle happened in my life

I love cats and we have several outside cats. I picked up this term from an American diplomat who had one main cat in the house and all the others were outside cats. They were fed and taken care of. Our outside cat, Lulu Lola was injured. Someone had hit her lower back.

She is almost an inside cat but only I can touch her. When this happened, both of us were very distressed. She was in extreme agony. I carried her and put her into a cat cage. She was happy to be there but was crying. I gave her homeopathic medicines and prayed for her wellbeing. I did prana healing and worked on the udana prana which functions for the extremities. She was recovering but the pain was too much.

Calling Peta for help

So I decided to call Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and ask for their help. They agreed to take her. She was outside in the cage and when I looked, she had jumped from the balcony. And then her recovery started. I continued to send her prana for the extremities. I worked on her mooladhara chakra and she had started walking. Otherwise, she was dragging her hind legs.

I was so happy but what happened next was worse. Somebody was poisoning the outside cats and dogs. Lulu Lola and Tawny also ate that poison. Many cats and dogs died. We sent them for a post mortem and it was rat poison. Both Lulu Lola and Tawny now could not eat anything. Their stomachs were heaving and they were in acute distress. I would put out Meow for them. They would smell it but could not eat it.

Then after a week, Lulu drank some water and had a sip of milk. Now she is slowly regaining her strength. I was upset and helpless. I continued to send prana to both of them and yesterday when she ate two pellets of Meow, it was a miracle. She had turned the corner. Tawny was never given Meow earlier and he just arrived from nowhere. Lulu has only eaten Meow and nothing else. She is not a hunter and spent all her time in our balcony as she came as a kitten, who preferred to live outside. She is a wild child.

I was so disturbed by the cruelty and heartlessness of people. In all my life and I am not young, my dear ones, have I seen such a wicked deed. I remember reading when there were the bush fires in Australia, the burning Koalas were shrieking with agony. People felt helpless as they could not do anything for them.

Goddess Shashti

There is a Goddess called Shashti, who is venerated in India and Nepal. She is the consort of Vayu, the Wind God. Mata Shashti Devi is worshipped for removing evil thoughts from one’s mind and illnesses. Her mount is a cat. She is worshipped as a bestower of children to the childless and for blessing children. The Banyan tree is considered sacred to her. Shashti Mata is an incarnation of the Mother Goddess.

Therefore, Cats are venerated and it is believed that if one kills a cat intentionally, a gold cat has to offered for forgiveness.

I thank the Cosmic Mother.

Aim Hrim Klim

Picture: See page for author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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