523 – You see, what you want to see

Rain falls and you may say, how beautiful all the plants look. Clean and green. You may say that you hate the rain, because… I will not add to the negative reasons that may come up.

Yesterday I read two news items and I will share them with you.

A deaf-mute boy, 6 years old, went missing from his home. His father was a daily wage earner. The father went to the police station and the press every day. Four years later, the child was found at a government orphanage in another city. The police took it upon themselves to search for the missing child. The boy was in good health. Everyone who heard about the boy, went out of their way to help. This happened in India.

The habitat of wild animals is being denuded

BBC news reported that a fox and a badger had a fight over food. It was filmed. The film showed the two animals snarling at each other and there was a hedgehog curled up, near them. Initially I was amused and then I read what was reported. What came to my mind was that how are we going to handle these animal species. They are being deprived of their food. We by leaving food outside are creating more problems for them as there are so many of them searching for food. Their habitat is being denuded, they have to scavenge and are exposed to danger from other mammals.

A study by researchers at Nottingham Trent university found that badgers, hedgehogs, foxes and cats were fighting over food, that was left in the British gardens. They learnt that food left by people in suburban gardens could benefit animals but could also draw competitors and predators. There is tremendous interaction between garden mammals, and this could lead becoming aggressive and competitive between competing species.

Hope exists in all of us. We can see it in the first story and we can learn from the second story to safeguard the environment, so that animal life is sustained.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Charles Jackson on Unsplash

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