910 – What is Sphota?

Sphota literally means ‘sudden opening’ or ‘disclosure’ which is taking place in both speaker and hearer. The sound of speech called Dhvani evokes the Sphota in the hearer.

Are we aware of this sudden realization of this knowledge? I do not wish to be judgmental, dear ones. We can go through life without this Sphota. Let me illustrate to you how we can learn from these sudden disclosures. Continue reading

906 – Please smile, and then shed tears

I am sharing some pictures with you. All these animals are so quirky and funny. They feel unthreatened by us. However, the capybaras in the wetlands have propagated their families too much. The wetlands are diminishing and now they have introduced the jaguars to reduce their numbers by eating them. Continue reading

515 – Where have all the colors gone?

Colors were once a part of our life. One just had to look around and see brilliant colors. The world’s oldest color was bright pink. By crushing 1.1-billion-year-old rocks found beneath the Sahara Desert, it was discovered. In India it is known as Rani Pink, and in English as shocking pink. Continue reading