591 – The sacred 3 virtues

What are the three things that most people do not know? And they wish to know them? Tevijja and Trayi Vidya describe these three virtues. Tevijja comes from Buddhism and Trayi Vidya is from Hinduism.

Tevijja describes these qualities:

  1. Ability to know one’s past lives.
  2. Ability to know where and why other beings are reborn.
  3. Ability to know one’s moral corruptions.

The lack of these abilities holds one back and only after gaining this wisdom, is it possible to be in a state of enlightenment. There is no rebirth. The theris (women of wisdom and character) understood and rejoiced because they could attain this state with the blessings of the Buddha, which at that period was not possible for Hindu women.

Trayi Vidya

In Hinduism Trayi Vidya, means knowledge of the three Vedas. Two definitions are given of Trayi Vidya. Trayi also means dealing with the three gunas. The Vedas are also called Trayi because the mantras in the four Vedas are of three types:

  1. Viniyoga means appropriate application. It is a holistic healing discipline that addresses the entire person (body, breath, mind, conduct, emotions and spirit) in an interconnected way.
  2. Songs relate to the Vedic sutras and the ultimate liberation comes from the chanting and singing of mantras (sacred sounds).
  3. Prose Texts in the Vedas are called Brahmanas which explain the hymns and give explanations and applications to the stories of their origin.

Secondly the entire Vedas relate to three kinds of things:

  1. Karmakand (action)
  2. Gyankand (knowledge)
  3. Upasanakand (worship)

It is advised that one must abandon both karmakand and gyankand as they stress on success in work. Only Upasanakand or bhakti – and must be practiced. One cannot attain love of God by materialistic actions. One has to dedicate oneself in the service of God.

Aim Hrim Klim

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