599 – A true story

It happened in an army camp, based near a forest, in India, where soldiers were undergoing training. They had to be up early.

Every day a full-grown tiger would come and stand near the gate. The soldiers were terrified as the tiger kept standing there for an hour. The commandant of the camp was also concerned and he called in a tiger biologist to visit the camp. The consultant looked at the tiger and the tiger gazed back at him. The consultant felt that the tiger’s gaze was distressed, and he recommended that he and a couple of soldiers would follow the tiger.

Many soldiers volunteered at the camp and not one of them appeared fearful. A group of brave hearts were chosen and they followed the tiger. The tiger would stop, wait for them and then continue in its walk. Finally, they came to a river and then the tiger just stood there. The soldiers looked around; they could not see anything.

Then they heard a mewling sound. They walked towards that sound and found it was coming from a hole which was blocked with rocks. They started clearing the rocks and found two cubs trapped in the hole. There had been flooding of the river and the stones had blocked the space where the cubs were. She was a tigress and a mother, who was in acute distress. She did what she thought was right. Whom could she have asked for help and how would she have got help?

She ran to her cubs and pulled them out of the whole and licked them clean and stopped visiting the camp. The soldiers had a bon fire that night and sang and danced.

Is it not incredible what a mother’s love can do?

Everyone had thought it was a tiger and not a tigress seeking assistance for her cubs.

The tiger is considered a very superior creature. He is the Vahan of Durga Ma. Durga Ma and her tiger symbolizes the powerful union of the sacred feminine force and Mother Earth, that can fight evil without fear. The tiger represents the force of divine energy and spiritual power in Hinduism.

The tiger is also called Waghoba (ancient tiger/leopard deity) and is worshipped by a number of tribes for centuries. Waghoba can take both forms and there are several temples for Waghoba, all over India.

Tigers have some unique qualities. They have a special skill of recognizing sudden changes in the atmosphere like earth quakes, storm and cyclones. Tigers roar in a special manner. They only kill when they wish to eat. Not like us who kill animals indiscriminately.

Aim Hrim Klim


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