600 – Dry your tears

“Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya”. I bow down to the Lord who resides in the hearts of all beings. Lord Vishnu dries our tears with his love and compassion.

The best time to chant Lord Vishnu Mantra is between 4am—6am (Braham Muhurta). Have a bath and sit on a mat. Meditate on a picture of Lord Vishnu. The picture is one of Lord Vishnu in Yoga Nidra. Focus on his divine form. Use a Tulsi mala. Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and praying to him on this day will enable one to have all of one’s dreams fulfilled.

Meditation on the form of Lord Vishnu from the Bhagavatam.


Picture the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu, bearing on their soles the auspicious marks of the thunderbolt, hook, lotus and his big red rounded toenails. The toenails dispel the gloom of ignorance from the mind of the person meditating on them. The thunderbolt marks on them are so powerful that by meditating on them one’s mind becomes steady.

Imagine his body. See the legs of Lord Vishnu, and envision Mother Lakshmi massaging his legs with undying devotion. His thighs rest on the shoulders of Garuda. His thighs are blue in color. His waist is covered with a dangling, brilliant yellow cloth tied with a gold waist band.
Visualize his navel from which comes the lotus of world formation, having Brahma seated in it. Visualize his chest which is luminous with Lakshmi’s presence. Lakshmi resides in his chest. He is brilliant with the mark of Sri Vatsa (a symbol of an inverted triangle on his right chest) and it means beloved of Lakshmi.

The rare jewel Kaushtuba (largest ruby in the universe) dangles from his neck. Look at the arms of the Lord covered with ornaments holding the Sudarshan chakra and the celestial conch. Gaze at his club which delivers the death blow to all evil forces. Look at the floral wreath, inhale its perfume and see the bees swarming around it.

Raptly gaze at his face. He has assumed this form for his devotees. He has large earrings and his face looks like a lotus flower in a pool. His eyes look like fish and his floating hair resembles water weeds.

Beg him for mercy and his benevolent smile will dry up your tears. In this magnificent form residing in your heart, meditate upon him.

From the Bhagavat 3., 28., 21—33

Benefits from chanting Vishnu Mantra.

Promotes wealth. Acts as a highly powerful cleanser of the mind of all its weaknesses. Confusion, wavering and negativity are banished. Enhances self-confidence. Removes any malefic influence on the home and the mantra becomes a protective shield. The ultimate benefit of chanting Vishnu mantra is liberation.

Aim Hrim Klim


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