636 – High on Waves

A poem by Swami Satyananda Saraswati 1977.

I surrender my heart to you
Whom I don’t know.
I surrender my mind to you
In whom I never believed.
Oh God, Oh Swami, now I have come
To surrender my whole self to you.
After wandering for ages amidst problems and confusion
Successes and failures, ego and desires
At last, when the sun is scorching
And the nights frozen
And the way is blind to follow
I am seeking your light, guidance and warmth
It is true that I neglected you
And never even accepted your existence
I hated those who loved you
Oh God I considered my desires more important than you.
And I don’t want to hide from you
In my mind I never wanted to remember you.
But now I am completely frustrated.
My mind, body, intellect and ego are utterly exhausted
I want to end this fruitless outward journey
And live in joy with my own existence.
Oh, my guide, you have saved me from the deep disturbed ocean
From fearful dark nights and the ups and downs of my life.
You have sung a song of hope for me
And by that song I have come this far.
But now my body is getting tired
My mind becoming restless, my energy getting low
My plans I cannot carry through
Oh, my beloved, when you come and sit with me
Then I will have reached the end of my journey.
Oh, my inner light—come, come.
Take me from delusion to truth
From death to life
In stillness get me close to you
And take me with you
Into you
For you.
I cannot add anything to this perfection.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

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