637 – Worship of the Goddess

Excerpts from The Devi Gita.

The Goddess is addressed so by Himalaya.

O Goddess of the Gods, great ruler, ocean of compassion, Mother.

Her response:

Those who are fully focused on me, their hearts bound to me, are deemed the best of devotees.
I promise to rescue them quickly from this worldly existence.
Through meditation accompanied by action, or through knowledge accompanied by devotion,
One can always reach me, but never through actions by themselves.
From righteous action arises devotion; from devotion arises supreme knowledge.

Worship of the Goddess means that we must be genuine and sincere in our adoration. She only expects undistracted devotion and joy and our hearts to be flowing with love. When we are in this state, we will be in harmony with ourselves and the universe.

To be a sadhaka, one has to cleanse one’s heart and this is possible by practicing the balancing pranayama (Samvrit). Inhale to the count of five, pause to the count of five, exhale to the count of five, pause to the count of five. Accompany the breath with So Ham or Aum, or Hrim chanting mentally. Practice 54 times, counting backwards.

Aim Hrim Klim


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