669 – Crows

My dear ones, we were sitting at the lunch table and enjoying our lunch in Maha Meru. It was raining outside and since Haridwar (the name of the dining room) is such a warm and lively place, we were speaking about birds. How much one loved the singing of the birds.

Wherever I visit in the world, I play Krishnadas on Tuesdays, as it is Hanuman’ day and Krishnadas is a devotee of Hanuman. Well birds enjoy listening to his voice and they sing along with him, be it Delhi, Bad Meinberg or Boston. I have always wondered why?

Then our conversation went on to crows and I said that my mother loved crows and always fed them, someone at the table said that they were a raucous bunch. She believed that and many others also agree with what she said that crows caw when one speaks the truth. Then it is also said that crows caw, when one will have guests.

Then we all looked at each other and started laughing because in Yoga Vidya we always try to speak the truth and we always have guests.

Aim Hrim Klim


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