668 – The Squabbling Squashes

Where is the silence that I am seeking?

Is it in my mind? Is it in my heart? Do I have to go into the forest? Shall I look for a cave in the mountains? So many questions…

If I cannot control my thoughts, I have no options. It is useless to dwell in a cave. Residing in a cave, I will be distracted by my thoughts which will be partying 24/7. It is like a bed of squash who are constantly squabbling with each other.

Do you know this story?

A learned and wise woman, named Narayani shared this story with me. Well, the noise in the bed was so loud that the other vegetables could not sleep at night or have an afternoon siesta. They went and complained to the resident sage. The sage came and chided the squashes. He said, “Oh, you fool, touch your head.” They were quiet for a moment and stroked the top of their head. What did they find? They had a stem on their head and they were all attached by that stem to each other. Then it dawned upon them that they were all related and why were they wasting their time quarreling with each other. They were becoming stunted with the arguments they were having with each other. They stopped their mindless chatter and the result was that they grew into large and happy squashes.

What is your take on this? Well, it is your thoughts which will disrupt your attempt to meditate. Your thoughts have to be quietened wherever you may be. It is your mental attitude which makes the world as it appears to you. Your world can be ugly or beautiful. The whole world is the creation of your thoughts, and therefore how can one change and believe in the world and that there is a meaning behind its creation and its environment.

Solution is work for work’s sake. Work without any idea of reward. Work to enable others to have a better life. Do not think that you are helping them, because you will undo the task, detachment will lead to joy and harmony. – Swami Vivekananda

Lastly your thoughts love it when you behave like the squashes, not realizing that you all live in the same world and quietening the thoughts without incessant leads equanimity and well-being. The power of non-attachment reveals the beauty and mystery of the university.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Aesthetes ID on Unsplash

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