721 – Please laugh

The black cat sat
In the fat man’s hat;
“Oh dear! “The fat man said,
“May the great, grey bat
Catch the bad, black cat
Who has left me no hat
For my head.”- Anonymous

A funny, young fellow
Named Perkins
Was terribly fond of small gherkins.
One day after tea
He ate 93
And pickled his internal workings. – Anonymous

The Bashful Earthquake.
“Oh, what a crash!
Oh, what a smash!
How could I ever be so rash?”
The Earthquake cried.
“What under the sun
Have I gone and done?
I never have before was so mortified!”
Then away he fled,
And groaned as he sped:
“This comes of not looking
Before I tread.” – Oliver Herford



Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Akin Cakiner on Unsplash

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