722 – Goodness and Righteousness

Goodness and Righteousness go hand in hand. Goodness means being honest and morally right. Righteousness means pure, spiritual and upright.

My dear ones let us look into the mirror and what do we see? I will not tell you, because each of us knows exactly who we are.

A few days ago, was Dussehra. Dussehra is the celebration of the triumph of good over evil. In the Ramayana there is a story which demonstrates what righteousness is. Hanuman went to Sita, and he said that he would kill all the rakshasas (monsters), who had kept Sita in captivity. Sita was very sad at his remark and she said that they were only servants and were following orders. Since Hanuman considered Sita and Rama to be his parents, she told him a story.

Once there was a man, who was being pursued by a tiger. The man climbed the nearest tree. When he reached a branch, he saw a large bear asleep on another branch. The bear lived in this tree. The tiger asked the bear to push the man down, so he could devour him. The bear replied that he would not do what the tiger wished because the man was his guest. He went back into a deep slumber. The tiger was cross and hungry and he asked the man to push the bear down. The man did just that. The bear was agile, and he grabbed another branch and was resting comfortably on it.

The tiger told the bear, that how ungrateful his guest was, and he should teach him a lesson. In a purring voice he said to the bear, please push him down, remember we are all quadrupeds. He is a human and he hunts us. The bear shook his head and said, that it was against his principles and just because the man pushed him, does not mean that he would reciprocate. He was a righteous bear.

We can also learn from this ancient story about the wise bear. Follow your heart where the soul resides.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Susan Elizabeth Jones on Unsplash

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