731 – Tell me the truth

Remember when you were little, you were told to tell the truth. I am not going there because we have been through it and we ask of our children the same thing.

A question, when someone asks for something, how do you respond? Now think and respond. Is it easier to say no and harder to say yes? I have observed this so often. When someone requests something and you are in a position to deny it, or agree to it, what is your response? Do you say that it is not possible, or I will try my best to do what I can. Try both responses, most of us have a sense of power when we deny the appeal. Then when we see the face fall, we say we will try to do our best.

Why is it not possible to say that we will try to attend to the request? Instead for that tiny moment of superiority, we refuse.

Next, I want to share with you this word, Schadenfreude. It is described as being pleased with someone’s misfortune. There is no perfect synonym in English. It has again got to do with our feelings and researchers have found that one feels pleasure when an envied person is shamed, it makes them less superior.

So, it is all about how good we feel? Does it mean that we engage with our thoughts and cease to be genuine. Start with a smile, when someone asks you for assistance, be sincere. Remember it is about them and not about you. Then you can feel neutral and aware.

Become a Jiwanmukti, which means have compassion for all living beings.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Amy Garrett-Williams on Unsplash

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