733 – The power of smell

The smell of blooming flowers.
The smell of ripening fruits, mangoes, apples, apricots, and cherries.
The smell of rain.
The smell of sunshine on sun dried clothes.
The smell of freshly bake bread, cakes and pies.
The smell of pure, cooked food with a hint of cilantro, ginger and tomatoes.
Smell can make one happy.

Smell is the special property of the earth, it is the natural, pure fragrance existing in the earth. The earthy smell that rises after a light, summer rain is a result of petrichor and a main component of it is an organic compound called Geosmin, which lingers around moist soil. Geosmin comes from ancient Greek, Geo meaning earth and osme meaning smell. This fragrance is used as an ingredient in perfume.

However, a bad smell can emanate from excessive fragrance or another smell. This occurs because of the earth’s contact with the other elements. When the fire element dominates, then bad smell comes as a result and when the water element excels then the smell is neither good nor bad.

Smell is associated with the Mooladhara Chakra and when it is awakened, there is a smell of vetiver, which is known as the fragrance of the earth.

When one is grounded and fearless, the Mooladhara is active and then the Kundalini can rise.

Free from fear means that there is no sense of alienation, and one is aware that one is walking on the right path.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Danie Franco on Unsplash

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