746 – Mouse at my kitchen altar

What does expectations mean? Expectation means belief, hope, chance. Negative meaning is apprehension, fear, motive.

Dear ones, will you agree with me that we all have expectations. Therefore, if we all have belief, then why should not the poor and under-deprived not have hope.

We wake up in the morning with the expectation of seeing the sun, hearing the birds sing and having a tasty breakfast. We have so many wishes, but I cannot write them all down.

First, I want to share with you what happened in my kitchen. Mr. Mouse was sitting near Annapurna Devi’s statue, below Ganesha picture, at my kitchen altar. We were amused because he was so comfortable, and the location was great. What was his expectation? Mine was to chase him.

Celebration with the children

I think you all know that I work with children, who live on the street with their parents. We celebrate their birthday every year on the 7th of November. They are very excited, and we have five or six cakes and other nice things which kids like. I had ordered party favors on Amazon. It was a sweet deal as they were giving glasses with caps. When the parcel arrived, it was five short. Fortunately, we had ordered extra caps, and everyone got a cap but not the glasses. My colleague said that we had three siblings in the group, so they could share. I felt it was unfair but what other solution could there be. I have a long-drawn-out battle with Amazon and no signs of the remaining glasses.

It is so easy to ruin a poor person’s expectations. We justify it to ourselves by saying that it does not matter as they would not know the difference between new and old. I have had battles with people who help us, and I always tell them that I want new things and brightly colored. Currently we are going to get Barbie dolls for the girls and police jeeps for the boys.

Please when you give, remember that it is like giving a loved one a gift.

Aim Hrim Klim

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