746 – Mouse at my kitchen altar

What does expectations mean? Expectation means belief, hope, chance. Negative meaning is apprehension, fear, motive.

Dear ones, will you agree with me that we all have expectations. Therefore, if we all have belief, then why should not the poor and under-deprived not have hope. Continue reading

356 – What 10 things would I like to do today?

  1. Tell my friends that I care for them. I am there for them.
  2. Tell my parents separately that I appreciate how they have raised me.
  3. Share my cache of chocolates at my workplace.
  4. Give things which have been in my closet for years away.
  5. Take my dog for an extra walk.
  6. Give a surprise gift to someone.
  7. Make a meal and distribute it to the homeless.
  8. Indulge myself, go to a spa, have a massage, and a facial.
  9. Make a change in my lifestyle.
  10. Venerate Mother Earth. She is giving and giving.

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