756 – The Oracle of Rama

The Oracle of Rama is consulted by all devotees of Rama. The custom is to ask a question after one has ended one’s morning prayers. There are three pages, with chapter, section and verse at the back of the book. It is a very powerful reading and it answers one’s query. Sometimes the answer is terrifying if one asks an inappropriate question.

Today I consulted it and is said that one must pray to Mahalakshmi as she is the mother of Rama. She will drive away any fear of poverty and inauspiciousness from the home. In other words, it means, bless one with abundance and joy. One invokes the supreme Goddess Lakshmi to dwell in one’s home forever. Sis the supreme power of protection and Goddess of all the universes and cosmic elements.

Mother blesses us and she is there always for us. We must never forget our Mothers. Mother Earth has to be protected and it is our responsibility. The same applies for Mother Cow but are we even thinking that she is the earthly representative of the divine and nourishing Mother Goddess, who represents fertility and bountifulness.

Please my dear one’s love, venerate and respect your Mothers, Birth Mother, Prithvi, and Gau Mata.

Save the planet.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Pavan Kumaar on Unsplash

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