889 – Why is three a sacred number in Hinduism?

In Hinduism we follow the path of Dharma. Dharma consists of three principles, Artha (material wealth), Kama (fulfilling of desires) and attaining Moksha (righteousness and liberation). Fulfilling our responsibilities and commitments will lead to a life of harmony and detachment. Continue reading

859 – God’s will

All is thy will.
Thy will be done
Whether you raise me
To the height of spiritual glory
Or you throw me down
Into the abyss of hell,
I accept it.
Readily, happily, with pleasure
Because that is thy will
I am the chariot,
You are the charioteer.
I am the horse,
You are the master.
Keep me as you like.
Use me, misuse me or abuse me
I have nothing to defend.

Poem written by a great bhakta. Continue reading

847 – Full Moon – Phalguni Purnima

Phalgun month in Hinduism is very significant. According to the Hindu calendar it is the last month and corresponds to February and March in the Gregorian calendar. It is a month of happiness and pleasure. It marks the end of winter and the beginning of summer. The Ramayana and Mahabharata took place in this month. Continue reading

832 – Maha Shivratri

I am sharing a mantra with you, dedicated to Shiva, seeking atonement and blessings.

Om namaste astu bhagvana visrvesrvaraya mahadevaya
Trayambakaya tripurantakaya trikalagnikalaya
Kalagirudraya nilakanthaya mrityumjayaya
Sarvesrvaraya sadashivaya sriman mahadevaya Namah.

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800 – Parental love

What is parental love based on? Father’s love is based on reason and motherly love is based on emotions and unconditional love. Actually, now when we examine parental love, we have to exclude male and female affection. We must address it as who assume the fraternal role and who assumes the maternal role. Continue reading

763 – Veneration of Trees in Hinduism

We were taught to respect Mother Earth and treat the trees with respect. Many trees are considered sacred to specific deities. Trees become objects of worship or shrines are built beneath them. Mango trees are considered holy because they are associated with many rituals. Tulasi is considered sacred to the disciples of Vishnu, Wood apple or Bilva tree is considered sacred to disciples of Shiva. The neem tree wards off evil. Continue reading

760 – Cradled in the arms of the Mother

Prostrations to you, O Narayani! O Narayani! You who bestow auspiciousness on all things auspicious. You bestow fulfilment in all fields of pursuits of all beings, and the following of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. You are merciful to those who take refuge in You, O three-eyed Goddess.

It is a wonderful emotion to visualize the Goddess as the Mother of the universe. It again emphasizes how powerful our love is for her and how she reciprocates it. All our negativity disappears when we pray to Narayani. With our birth mother, we feel safe and with the presence of the Divines Mother, we are protected. Continue reading

756 – The Oracle of Rama

The Oracle of Rama is consulted by all devotees of Rama. The custom is to ask a question after one has ended one’s morning prayers. There are three pages, with chapter, section and verse at the back of the book. It is a very powerful reading and it answers one’s query. Sometimes the answer is terrifying if one asks an inappropriate question. Continue reading

628 – Rain

A charm to hasten the coming of the rains.
(Atharva Veda; Book 4; Hymn XV)

  1. Let all the misty regions fly together, let all the rain clouds sped
    By winds assemble.
    Let the waters satisfy the earth,
    The voices of the great mist enveloped the bull who roareth.
    Let them show forth the strong, the bounteous Maruts:
    Let plants and shrubs be hung with drops of moisture.
    Let floods of rain refresh the ground with gladness and herbs
    Spring various with each form and color.
  2. Cause us who sing to see the gathering vapors: outbursts in many a place the rush of waters! Let floods of rain refresh the ground with gladness; and herbs
    Spring various with each form and color.
  3. Cause us who sing to see the gathering vapors: outbursts in many a place the rush of waters! Let floods of rain refresh the grounds with gladness; and herbs
    Spring various with each form and color.
  4. (8) Let lightning flash on every side: from all the regions blow the winds!
    Urged by the Maruts let the clouds pour down their rain upon the earth.
  5. (12) Our father, Lord Divine pouring the torrents. Let the streams breathe, O Varuna, of the waters. Pour the floods down: along the brooks and channels let frogs
    With speckled arms send out their voices.

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