768 – Stars and Planets

As Hindus, we give tremendous importance to astrology. It is interesting to observe how in the modern world, many are believing in influence of the stars and planets. Other than India, there were also many ancient civilizations which relied on the stars.

Dear ones, 4,000 years ago the science of astrology was present in India and mentioned in the Vedas. The Vedas described three mandalas. A mandala is a combination of the golden egg and mind. They are also described as a symbol of the universe in its ideal form, and its creation signifies the transformation of a universe of suffering into one of joy. Bhu mandala is the earth, above that is Prabha Mandala, the sky where the Gods reside and there is Pitra Loka, the land of the dead ancestors. It was believed that by gazing at Prabha Mandala, one could predict the weather and the arrival of summer, winter and monsoons.

Also, when the planets (grahas), moon, stars move from one place to another, one could predict the change in temperature. Nataraj is shown dancing within a flaming halo (Prabha Mandala), which represents time and which is shown as a circle to symbolize the Hindu belief that it’s both cyclical and without end. The flames of the ring sprout from the mouths of the makaras (mythical creatures). Nataraj with his one leg, suppresses all the evil and ignorance in the universe. Prabha mandala therefore was considered the abode of the Gods.

Reach the Gods

Vedic rituals were dedicated to the Sky and the Fire—Agni was worshipped as the flames moved upwards. It was also believed that if one put ghee in the fire, it would reach the Gods, Indra, Surya, Chandra or Soma. Trees were also respected as they grow towards the Sky and were called Som.

In the Puranas, the Earth and Sky were respected as Shakti and Shiva. Shakti was the female principal and Shiva is the male principal. There were village goddesses, called Gramadevis.

The universe is composed of the five elements and our puja is also a worship of the Tattvas.

Please respect the universe and restore it to its pristine state.

Aim Hrim Klim


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