853 – Free yourself from the clutches of Maya

Maya Pancakam is a description of Maya in five verses. Sri Sankara says that Maya cannot be described as either existence or non-existence or both, it is indescribable. Maya makes incompatibles appear together and shows how it brings about what is logically impossible. Brahman is the only reality and Brahman appears to us as the universe of multifarious names and forms, because of our ignorance of Brahman. In our ignorance we think a rope is a snake in a dim light.

Maya is an alternate name for Lakshmi.

Extracts from Maya Pancakam

Maya is illusion. It casts a spell on us. Our self is without qualities, it is absolute bliss and knowledge. Yet Maya has the power to bring about its union with the conceited ego, having pride in status and wealth. We think of ourselves as important persons, our attachments to our family and friends take place. Maya is indeed wonderful. It beguiles us, we are loved and we love. We are surrounded by our possessions. – Verse 4

This wonderful power of Maya makes it possible to create bitter enmity between erudite scholars by creating differences in their concepts of the absolute existence. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are the triumvirate. Maya overtakes the wisdom of the scholars and they imagine that they know all the answers. Maya controls their ambition and ego. – Verse 5

Dear ones, connect with your perfect inner self and free yourself from the clutches of Maya.

Aim Hrim Klim


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