853 – Free yourself from the clutches of Maya

Maya Pancakam is a description of Maya in five verses. Sri Sankara says that Maya cannot be described as either existence or non-existence or both, it is indescribable. Maya makes incompatibles appear together and shows how it brings about what is logically impossible. Brahman is the only reality and Brahman appears to us as the universe of multifarious names and forms, because of our ignorance of Brahman. In our ignorance we think a rope is a snake in a dim light. Continue reading

443 – What are our treasures?

For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be. – Matthew 6:21.

Instead of valuing and building treasures on earth, Christ urged his followers to store up treasures in heaven. – Matthew 6:19-20.

The heart is considered to be the seat of life in the Bible. Hence it means mind, soul, spirit or one’s entire emotional nature and understanding. Continue reading