884 – Should I be a Stoic?

Does this thought come to you often? It does to me. When I am hurt or upset by someone or something, I respond and not try to react.

Dear ones, Epictetus wrote,

If anyone tells you that a certain person speaks ill of you, do not make excuses about what is said of you but answer, ‘He was ignorant of my other faults, else he would not have mentioned these alone.’

Epictetus taught that it was important to know oneself and have internal control over thoughts and emotions. He believed that being in control, would enable one to decide and discriminate between right and wrong. This would allow one to lead a better life. He was a Stoic and this is the Stoic philosophy.

Our Gurus have said from time immemorial that we should be unmoved by events and remain proactive. We should develop a harmonious resonance. The Gita states calmness, gentleness, silence, self-restraint and purity are the disciplines of the mind. Abandon all attachment to the results of action and attain supreme peace.

What is our takeaway?

We can start by practicing Anuloma Viloma. Close your eyes. Visualize the breath flowing in and out of the left nostril. Practice 27 times, counting backwards. Switch to the right nostril and visualize the breath flowing in and out of the right nostril. 27 times again. Now become visualize the breath flowing in and out of both nostrils, 54 times. Do you perceive a change? Where have those niggling thoughts gone? You are free of them.

Please practice this sadhana, several times a day, especially when you are hurt or upset and see the transformation.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Amanda Schmidt on Unsplash

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