907 – Brave Heart

It has been very hot in North India, and I happen to be living in Delhi. The temperatures have soared to 45 degrees centigrade for the past week. It is so hot that one does not wish to step out of the home at all. This is not possible for everyone, and most people have to go to work and it is not necessary that the office is air conditioned. Clay bowls of water are placed for birds and other animals to drink from.

I have a story to share with you. This incident occurred in a town which is two hours away from Delhi. A baby monkey fell down from a tree during midday, when the heat is immense. The monkey was unconscious. It so happened that the monkey fell near a policeman, who was standing in the shade of this tree which was near the police station. The monkey’s family surrounded the little one. They were chattering and looked flustered.

Dear ones we have monkeys everywhere and in some parts of India, there are more of them. The cop gave the little monkey CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) for 45 minutes and kept pouring little drops of water in his mouth. In the meanwhile, the other policemen stood around the baby monkey, because monkeys are unpredictable, and the mum was frantic. Finally, the monkey came out of his faint. He ran into the arms of his mum and there was applause from the other policemen. The cops all know how to perform CPR, but it was the first time this cop had done it on a little monkey.

Hanuman’s assistants

Hindus treat monkeys with respect as we look upon them as Hanuman’s assistants. And when a monkey dies, he is given a funeral.

I shed a tear when I read about the little monkey, it made my day, which continued to be hot.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Tamojit Bardhan on Unsplash

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